I am an SEO, social media, and content strategist in the Detroit Metro area. For over a decade, I have focused my career on organic search, online reputation management, social media, and targeted content campaigns to empower brands with knowledge to improve their visibility in the search engine results pages.

I began my digital career in the blogosphere in 2002, writing on cuteculturechick.com and beautyandthebypass.com.  In this golden age of blogging, generating revenue became possible, and I explored ways to make my blogging profitable. I discovered coding and SEO, and found that I enjoyed the technical work of blogging, particularly SEO, far more rewarding than blog post creation.

Once I realized that I could have a career with SEO, I dove in head-first learning everything I could about search engines and optimizing websites. My first agency gig was with SEO.com, and I worked my way up to advising Fortune 10 clients. Living in Detroit, the Motor City, I have been able to work intimately with the automotive industry to help world-class brands dominate in search results.

I’m a frequent marketing conference attendee, with speaking experience at events in the United States and United Kingdom. I’m a jet-setter, connoisseur of the fine arts, and a human compendium of random pop culture facts.