Agreement For Permanent Alternate Accommodation

Agreement For Permanent Alternate Accommodation

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… Alternative accommodation contract instead of existing premises, That is, space 24 of Shree Niwas Mill Chawl according to the format that the petitioner paid with the tenants/occupants of other 132…Compensation instead of the replacement temporary accommodation to be provided by the petitioner and an additional sum of 10,000 Rs. /- (ten thousand rupees only) as a one-time payment to the redeployment of the costs… Respondent No. 3 of the petitioner referred to in paragraph 1. After the final decision on the disputes between respondent No. 3 and respondent No. 4, the petitioner intervenes in a… As soon as an agreement is reached by the payment of the necessary stamp duty and its registration, the owner cannot cheat or terminate the contract. In the case of a renovation, a development contract between the company and the developer on the land owned by the company is concluded using the available ISPs, TDR, etc. The agreement generally involves the provision of new housing with additional space for existing members at no cost. The consideration for the restoration of the land may also include rent, corpus, royalty redeployment.

… they would have an agreement on permanent alternative accommodation with the petitioner here and they visit the office of the Deputy Chancellor of Insurance for the registration of the agreement, was… executed a gift deed in favour of respondent No. 1, on the basis of which the internal issue was resolved and as a result, its clients immediately offer the permanent alternative accommodation contract with… The alternative accommodation agreement with the petitioner is accepted; (ii) a qualified lawyer for the petitioner and the respondents declare before the Court that they have a… However, with regard to ownership under new homes in the new project made available to existing members by the owner in accordance with the development agreement, a separate agreement – a permanent alternative accommodation agreement ” – must be implemented. … The instructions state that Ms.

Leena Ganatra assigned the flat No. B-201 admeasuring 695 sq.ft Instruction is accepted. It is also specified that in the agreement for permanent alternative accommodation… The applicant commits, on 17.05.2016 or before 17.05.2016, all annexes of the permanent alternative accommodation contract to… respondent`s lawyer No. 3. The parties comply with all other conditions set out in the development agreement. The Permanent Alternate Accommodation Agreement … S.J. Kathawalla, J.: J…. I have been informed that the original agreement of 15 May 2015, i.e. a permanent alternative accommodation contract, between and between Mrs Nalini Jashvantlal…

Licence withdrawal and licence agreement for a period of 99 years, including the 50% share in Mehul Property on the annual rent of Rs. 2.28,000/- with a clause increasing the rate of pay of 15…Agreement of 50% of Chetan Rupji`s share in the property of Mehul on the terms agreed by and between Mr. Chetan Rupji and Grauer and Weil.4. Lawyer Premdas represents… contract for permanent alternative accommodation on 17 February 2000 between M/s Cozyhome Builders and the late A.P Fernandez. It is recorded and as an exhibition “P7… only through payment orders or project needs. (II) As long as a permanent alternative accommodation contract, the registration area must be located within the… 60 days from the date of implementation of the agreement in question.

This must be taken into account for each of the dwellings, including the members of the apartment we have as complainants. (III… terms of the agreement or directions. (IV) We insert the mare society to continue the program with the most sincere enthusiasm and intent to carry out the project as agreed…